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April 5, 2012 § Leave a comment

A few things I’m obsessing about lately:

1) I’m in a wedding in about a month and will be wearing a pretty strapless dress in persimmon. The problem is my girls are HUGE! I was well stacked to begin with, but now with being pregnant and all they’ve exploded to a new level of ENORMOUS. It’s the only thing that’s changed (body-wise) so far and I’m having major issues dressing my top half. I’ve desperately been searching the internet for a good strapless bra or bustier (which it appears they just don’t make the way they used to in the ‘50’s, as in, not as popular for daily wear these days as they were then) and I just don’t think they exist for people like me. I want to be comfortable that day, not look like a porn star and not deal with a bra that won’t support or stay put. Time is running out! I must find something that works soon or I’ll be screwed. I’m going to my seamstress soon to fit the dress and hope she has a back up solution in case I can’t find the one.
2) When I toss and turn at night I rearrange furniture and clean the house in my mind. Sometimes I decorate a farmhouse we almost bought which I fell in love with and is just down the street from us. I’m really good at decorating that farmhouse, but have no clue how to decorate the house we’re in. Probably because it’s not a farmhouse. I wanted a farmhouse to decorate with a clean minimalist, Swedish style. If that makes sense. Instead we’re in a brick and frame… Hmm… Major brain fart. Not sure what we call our house. Will let you know when it comes to me. Ah! Cape Cod. Which is cute and had really no work to be done except for changing some paint colors and keeping up the landscaping. I’m not complaining. It’s just not the style I’m in love with, but it will do for now.
The point of this rant is after tossing and turning all night and doing all of that decorating, moving furniture and cleaning in my mind, I’m too pooped to actually accomplish any of it during the real light of day.
3) Easter! We host Easter this Sunday. It’s now Thursday and I’ve just finalized the menu. I need to get to the store (something I don’t enjoy), clean house (see number 2), plan how I want the dining room table to look, get candles, boil & stain some eggs, and finally, decide which order to prepare and cook everything.

On the menu
hors d’oeuvres – deviled eggs and maybe a relish tray or salami or something easy

dinner – thyme honey glazed ham, scalloped potatoes with leeks, roasted asparagus and a spring salad

dessert – angel food cake with chocolate frosting (I think, my husband said his dad doesn’t like angel food cake, though I remember him enjoying two pieces the last time I made it)

Have I mentioned I’m gluten free and I’m supposed to be dairy free (though I still want proof that I shouldn’t eat dairy)? Gluten free is easy for me. I have no desire to eat it, been off of it for about six or more years now. Dairy, now dairy is difficult. I love it and you just can’t get the same creaminess for certain recipes without it. And, then there’s cheese. Most of which I can’t enjoy while pregnant. Anyway, I was good not having dairy for a year. But now that I’m carrying a little being inside me all I think about is dairy. Cottage cheese, parmesan, gouda and all the other good cheeses that we’re not allowed during this time. Did I mention I’m throwing some gouda into the scallop potatoes & leeks? I’ll try to do better next week and not have dairy.
4) Exercise and yoga. I’ve not been consistent at all due to the lovely side effect of pregnancy called fatigue even though I know it will help me with energy and feel more like myself. One week I have five great workouts, the next just one workout and the next zero workouts. I feel guilty and terrible about this. On the schedule today is a prenatal yoga class down the street from my house. I MUST GO! Even if it’s just to finally meet others in the same state (as in, new moms to be). I need some damn friends that live near me!
5) My sweet baby Otis. He’s going to be nine in June. He has hip dysplasia and I assume some arthritis. It’s getting hard for him to get up from lying down and tough on him getting up the stairs. I love him dearly and I know he’ll absolutely be insane with happiness to have a little baby in our house. He adores babies and small children. I want him to have the chance to share the new experience with us; it will be a joy to witness.


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