Late Night Questions for Google

April 25, 2012 § Leave a comment

Do you ever lie awake at night and think of lots of questions to Google? Like, can I pour vegetable oil down the drain? Can I watch Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations online now that I don’t have cable? Can I apply acupuncture to my Rottweiler myself? Pet massage? How to wash your dog outside? Which vegetables can I plant in last year’s tomato plant location? How to kill trumpet vine without destroying surrounding plants and flowers? Can I still twist to crack my back even though I’m pregnant? What teas can I drink while pregnant? How little weight can I gain while pregnant? How hard can I work out while pregnant? Are tabatas safe while pregnant? Why can’t I keep orchids alive? What is the symbolism of the orchid? These are pretty boring ones, but I swear at night I think of the best questions to ask Google to help me find the answers. Similar to having the best writing ideas and strung together words that by morning are a distant memory and when recreation of the idea/words is attempted they sound like crap.

Anyway, at night these questions seem really important. Like, I really must know the answers in order to be a well rounded and happy individual. Many have to do with cooking and substituting ingredients. Sometimes they’re just food ideas that I want to see if someone else thought up, so that I can justify my need to create them. Most everything you think up has been made before. Sometimes not exactly, but close enough that you can easily see where your substituted ingredients will slip in quite fine. Most of what I make at home isn’t by following a recipe. I’m too lazy and usually never have all of the right ingredients. I typically look in the fridge and look in the pantry and see what I can whip up. I NEVER, EVER want to have to run out to the store just to make something.

This has been a bone of contention between me and my husband. I usually try to have chocolate chips on hand for when the mood hits that it’s a good day to bake. He thinks the chips are there for munching on after dinner while watching tv. Often, it goes like this, “Is that the last bag of chocolate chips?” He says, “yep.” I repeat what I’ve repeated a billion times before that “They’re not for eating like that! That’s what a candy bar is for, the chips are here to be MADE into something.” And so on. Pretty boring argument, but it really irks me. For instance, if it’s a rainy day and I feel like baking, I don’t want to run out to get chocolate chips when at one point we had five bags in the pantry (all of which became my husband’s chocolate munchies). I went to the store yesterday and last night he’s looking in the pantry and complains that I went to the store and didn’t get chocolate chips. I thought about getting the chocolate chips, but decided against it because, well, I just ate like 30 cupcakes and the chips won’t be there when I want them. No more chips on hand until I find a good hiding place.

Anyway, shopping yesterday I wanted to find red chilies, to make this Sweet Chili Sauce that I found on Closet Cooking. I’m about to embark on a major spring roll making kick and I’ll need something delicious to dip them in. To bring this post full circle, I was thinking to myself last night to Google: can I use jalapeños in place of red chilies when making an Asian dipping sauce? I think I’m going to wing it and see what happens because I’m too lazy to go to the market that will have red chilies!

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