Jar Hoar-der

July 13, 2012 § 1 Comment

Maybe I’m just a lonely lady. A lonely lady with a jar addiction. I was walking around my house with this thought in my head of being a lonely lady. In almost every room I have jars. I can’t seem to throw them away or recycle them. I think most jars are pretty and I really think some day I’ll do something creative with them all. On top of the jars I keep, from grey poupon mustard, store bought jam or olive jars and even some pretty maple syrup and wine bottles; I recently purchased a whole bunch of mason jars. So, as I looked around with the thought in my head about being a lonely lady and noticing many jars (after washing more jars) I realized I’m like a cat lady, only married and with jars. WTF? I giggled because it’s kind of funny and very weird and something I just learned about myself. I seriously have an addiction to, I guess, hoarding jars. There are even more stashed in the basement just waiting to be turned into something creative.


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