Thank God for little bunnies

July 26, 2012 § 5 Comments

Little fucking bunnies have been eating my Black-eyed Susans. At first it was kinda cute. Bunnies are cute. They started trimming my huge overflowing potted petunias and I welcomed it. They’d pop out of the ground cover while we sat on the patio and we’d watch them fill their little bellies. I even encouraged them to eat some of our very pretty ground cover gone awry. Then suddenly the Black-eyed Susans looked less voluptuous. Stems were broken, flowers missing. What?

Last year the flowers struggled because they were being choked out by trumpet vine. Nasty, invasive stuff. Well, this spring and even now we’ve worked on keeping the trumpet vine in check and finally our Black-eyed Susans were back to their glory … until … the little fucking bunnies.

I began chasing them away which didn’t do much to hinder them. I encouraged Otis to walk through the area thinking his big dog-ness would scare them off. Just the other morning I asked Otis, standing hock-high in ground cover, to get a little closer to the Black-eyed Susans. A little bunny (hiding in that same ground cover) decided I was the lesser of two evils and leapt out, smacked my shin and landed on my foot before scurrying to the other side of the patio to hide in more ground cover. Bunnies are soft.

I say thank God for the little fucking bunnies because they’re cute and they make me laugh and piss me off at the same time, but most of all they’re keeping me busy. I have a purpose. I need to keep our damn Black-eyed Susans from being demolished to a bunch of stubby stems. I was really looking forward to the Black-eyed Susans lasting into autumn along with all of my other expectations for autumn and to lose them now will really piss me off.

P.S. Yesterday I went to Home Depot and bought some Rabbit Repellent to ward them off. It’s supposed to be safe and I think it’s working, though I did just chase a little fucking bunny off. I feel bad that I’ve ruined their food and have considered feeding them, but I know that’s not good for them. They need to be wild little fucking bunnies and figure it out for themselves. I just hope they stay away from the other flowers and veggies.

P.S.S. When I first saw the bunnies all I could think about was how close in size they were to my baby Elias. I desperately wanted to hold one as I did Elias. Empty arms. I resisted the urge because again, I know it’s not good for the wild little bunnies.



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§ 5 Responses to Thank God for little bunnies

  • Monika says:

    I love your style of writing.. honest, funny, raw, true. Monika.

    • allaboutotis says:

      Thank you Monika. I just started looking through your blog, the pictures are so pretty and the lines are clean. Very nice. A beautiful family and beautiful pictures. Australia is on my long list of places to adventure to. Looking forward to reading more of your blog. ~Wendy

  • bjones1031 says:

    Love this! I have demon squirrels all in my yard. They have replanted my carefully placed bulbs into a huge mess of a yard. And the deer… First time I saw them, I thought, how beautiful. I even took pictures. But they eat everything in sight. I have to agree with you though. The relationship we have is of old women who are neighbors and who love to pester each other. It’s a good balance.

    • allaboutotis says:

      Very funny! I would have taken pictures of the deer too and tried to make them pets. But, seriously all of these cute animals are destructive to our pretty plants. I wish they understood they should eat the neighbors garden and just look cute in mine.

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